Dipsea Race :

In 1905 the first Dipsea Race was run with 90 finishers. It was initiated by group of hikers called the Dipsea Indians from the San Francisco Olympic Club. This is America's second oldest race. It was run over the beaten path of Lone Tree Trail, now known as the Dipsea Trail. Today, the 7.1-mile race begins in Mill Valley where runners climb up 671 redwood steps before descending into Muir Woods. From there they follow the rise on the southern slopes of Mt. Tamalpais, passing Lone Tree before descending the Steep Ravine trail into Stinson Beach. Women were allowed to participate in a separate event known as "Dipsea Trail Hikes For Girls" in 1921, but had to wait until 1968 before being granted full participation.

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Dipsea Race