Transportation :

In the beginning people hiked on the Lone Tree Trail from "over the hill" to Willow Camp or went to and from Bolinas by boat. In 1902 Manuel Nunes ran a 4-horse Stage from West Point Terminal on the road created along the railroad grade built in anticipation of a railroad extension to Bolinas and beyond. This service was discontinued in 1915. In 1916, with the advent of private automobiles, the one-lane Sausalito-Bolinas dirt road, built in 1870, was improved with the help of Congressman William Kent and allowed for mail delivery to Stinson Beach. Panoramic Highway was constructed in 1928. The horse stage was changed to Stanley Steamers in 1911 and later grew into gasoline motor buses. During WWII Greyhound Lines served commuters to Marinship in Sausalito and beyond. In late 1960s, the Golden Gate Transit took over this once-a-day commuter services until present West Marin Stage came to being with its much smaller, efficient buses in 2007. Highway improvements made vehicle access to Stinson Beach simpler and, with its spectacular scenic views, enjoyable. It has also created weekend traffic jams and a host of parking problems for residents during summer and holiday weekends.

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