Steep Ravine :

In 1904, in preparation to build a railroad that would connect West Point on Mt. Tamalpais to the Olema Valley via Steep Ravine, Willow Camp (Stinson Beach), across the sandspit to Bolinas, and north as far as Tocaloma, William Kent bought hundreds of acres at Steep Ravine. The 1906 earthquake put a halt to this venture. Prior to World War II, when the Army took it over, Steep Ravine was a haven for squatters drawn to its sulphur springs. In 1930 William Kent Jr. razed their shacks and built 13 rustic cabins, which he rented at a fair price. After the war the cabins were leased to his family and friends. The hot springs were buried by debris from a road widening project but resurfaced after 1989 Loma-Prieta earthquake and are enjoyed by aficionados at minus tides. Steep Ravine is now part of Tamalpais State Park, which bought it from the Kent Estate in 1960; and the cabins are open to the public by reservation. Artists, Thaddeus and Ludmilla Welch built a cottage and resided there from 1890s to 1902. The photographer, Dorothea Lange, and her family rented one of the cabins in summers from 1957 to 1964.

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Steep Ravine