Ranches :

Capt. Isaac Morgan, who bought entire eastside of Bolinas Lagoon (1852) including the sandspit, planted apples here. He sold the Stinson Beach area of his land to his friend and the first surveyor of Marin County, Capt. Alfred Easkoot (1852) and to Nathan Stinson / James Wallace Upton (1870). They built barns and kept cattle on their lands as well as their tent-resort businesses. The Easkoot Ranch was located around the present Post Office and adjoining area including part of park. The Stinson Ranch was in a canyon next to present Stinson Beach School. The White Gate Ranch was built in 1870 on the Stinson Beach side of Rancho Sausalito as a part of many of Throckmorton's tenant-operated ranches. Smaller ranches sprang up here as the land was further subdivided.

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