People - Individuals and Families "S" :

While we honor everybody in these photographs, we would like to draw particular attention to some historically significant figures in this exhibit. Our town's namesake Nathan Stinson and James Wallace Upton bought 1720 acres from Capt. Morgan. Upon J.W.Upton's death Nathan Stinson married his widow Rose and in 1880 created the resort/camp of Willow Camp. Nathan willed to his brother, Amos Stinson, 1/2 the property, and 1/4 each to Rose's children Archie (Judge) and Mabel Ida Skinner. Amos and wife Margaret had 3 daughters, Maude, Lillian (Hensill) and Eve (Fitzhenry). In 1906, with the help of Judge Archie Upton, Amos filed for a residential Stinson Subdivision on the hill which was followed by 2 more in present downtown area. Jacob Selmer was an inventor and builder of airplanes and son Walter, Game Warden and Sheriff, and his wife flew them. Walter in his later life helped 'shut-ins' with his encouraging letters and friendship. Lester and Mildred Sadler devoted their life to the betterment of the community in many capacities. Mildred, with Louise Airey, taught at Stinson School for many years. Roberta Shockey started the famed Wildflower Show (1958 - 73) with Ann Leary, Barbara Menzies and Marna (Airey) Griffin. Jane Slack was first SBHS president. Kenny Stevens succeeded Kendrick Rand as the fire chief. We have oral histories of Mildred Sadler, Nancy Sullivan, Edna Stevens and Martha Simmons.

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People - Individuals and Families "S"