People - Individuals and Families - "R" :

While we honor everybody in these photographs, we would like to draw particular attention to some historically significant figures in this exhibit. Joan Casteldine and Otto Reutinger retired to Joan's childhood home, Stinson Beach, in 1969. Joan wrote our history book, "The Memories of Willow Camp," and was a reporter for the local Coastal Post newspaper in 1970s to 80s. Otto was an active member of Stinson Beach Planning Group which took over the Progressive Club to implement a new Countywide Development Plan. Kendrick Rand was the fire chief for 25 years and owner of the Sand Dollar Restaurant for 28 years, He was the third president of SBHS. His wife, Annie, owned the Stinson Beach Book Store until 2014. Geneva Reinhardt was the last surviving Stinson family and bequeathed the family's historical materials to the Marin County Library where they can be found in the Ann Kent History Room. We have oral histories of Kendrick Rand and Mary Robinson.

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People - Individuals and Families - "R"