People - Individual and Families - "M" :

While we honor everybody in these photographs, we would like to draw particular attention to some historically significant figures in this exhibit. Mabel and William McKinnon (McKennan) operated McKinnon's's Ferry to Bolinas from their landing along the lagoon. Arice F. was the name of their single cylinder engine boat. They also owned a Tea and Lunch Room there. The Mayers family owned and operated the Bungalow grocery store (Now Breaker's Restaurant) from 1920 to 1980. The original owner, James Mayers, was married to Belle Lawrence whose family moved to Stinson after the Sausalito Fire. Dorothy Mayfield was one of the owners of Seadowns during its heyday and was a long time Postmistress through 1980s. Barbara Menzies started the famed Wild Flower Show (1958 - 73) with Ann Leary, Roberta Shockey and Marna (Airey) Griffin. Mame and Walt Mikel opened Parkside. Walt's special hot dog is still on the menu. The Miller sisters, Ruth and Hattie Green, were major civic leaders from the 1940s through 1970s.

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People - Individual and Families - "M"