People - Individuals and Families "I, J, K & L" :

While we honor everybody in these photographs, we would like to draw particular attention to some historically significant figures in this exhibit. George and Wilma Leonard who built their home on the Highland became the last large land holder before they unloaded their property to GGNRA in 1972. They, also, owned and operated Stinson Beach Water Company until SBCWD took over it: Proctor Jones, a professional photographer, author, honorable ambassador, and past president of SBCWD took 100 portraits of Stinson residents in 1983 which are preserved in our photo archive as the Proctor Jones Collection: Ann Leary started the famed Wild Flower Show (1958 - 73) with Barbara Menzies, Roberta Shockey and Marna (Airey) Griffin. She was the first owner of Stinson Beach Bookstore. See Lawrence/ Mayers family under Mayers. We have oral histories of Tom Lambert, Mary Jones, and Helen Latham.

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People - Individuals and Families "I, J, K & L"