People - Individuals and Families "B & C" :

While we honor everybody in these photographs, we would like to draw particular attention to some historically significant figures in this exhibit. Edgar A. Cohen, a professional photographer, was an important visitor to our town. Our oldest images of our town and surroundings in the first decade of 1900 are preserved in the Cohen Collection of our Photo Archive. Joan Casteledine (Reutinger) authored the book, "Memories of Willow Camp." It is a first-person historical perspective of our town. We will encounter her maternal family, Dunns, and marital family, Reutingers later. We have oral histories of Linda Latham Beals, Manetta Bennett, Syd Boyle (from Jim Dixon), Fred Conradi and Barbara Chevalier. Janice Cline was SBHS second president.

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People - Individuals and Families "B & C"