People - Individuals and Families - "A" :

Every individual and family has left their footprint on our town's history. While we honor everybody in these photographs, we would like to draw particular attention to some historically significant figures in this exhibit. The Airey family is perhaps one of the most important. The family, who already had a little summer place here, moved to Willow Camp after the 1906 Earthquake. The same year, Henry & Elizabeth opened a hotel and restaurant at the corner of Calle del Mar and Shoreline Highway (the building which houses the market is still owned by the family). In 1913, Jack and Sarah opened the Sea Beach Hotel on Shoreline Highway (the building burned down on 1971). Frank, son of Henry and Elizabeth, married Marge and they continued to operate the store and raised two children, Hal and Marna. Hal was the town's first Fire Chief. The Fire Department, telephone exchange, life guard station, and Post Office were all located within the store at one time or the other. Jack and Sarah's son William was the president of the Progressive Club as well as the Fire Chief when the firehouse was built in 1949. Will was married to Louise who taught at the Stinson School for many years. They were both actively involved in the community and often opened up their hotel to host social functions of the town.

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People - Individuals and Families - "A"