Organizations - Progressive Club of Stinson Beach :

The Progressive Club was established on January 8, 1930 to improve the lives of Stinson Beach residents. There were several committees: community service, publicity, emergency and membership. Meetings were the first Wed. of each month at 7:30, except during the summer when it was on Tuesdays. Jack Airey was the first president. It was first called the Stinson Beach Improvement Club. Original money for the club ($63.00) came from the recently defunct "Marin of the Sea Society." At the end of the first meeting, all retired to Algar's restaurant for refreshments. At the second meeting, January 16, the name was changed to The Progressive Club of Stinson Beach. The meetings were held in the Sea Beach Hotel basement until the Community Center was built. This club was the most important local political action group and served as the foundation of present day Stinson Beach. As the tone of progress changed to preservation, it was disbanded in 1973 to make way for the Stinson Beach Planning Group, which has in turn evolved into our present day Village Association. Since we have no photographs of these organizations, we have included here a condensed narration of its minutes and comments made by people in their oral histories. Photos we do include are of people closely involved in the SBVA.

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Organizations - Progressive Club of Stinson Beach