Neighborhoods - Panoramic Highway Area :

This exhibit includes developments along the Panoramic Highway created inside of Rancho Saucelito (Sausalito) Mexican Grant. It was crowned by the White Gate Ranch (1890 to 1972) at the top of hill for a long time until it was dismantled by GGNRA. The area belonged to Kent family from the early 1900 and the lower Panoramic near the junction of Highway 1 was developed by the family as Sea Downs Development. In 1920, Thomas Kent, a son of William Kent Sr. built a resort hotel with the same name on the beach near present life-guard station. The upper part of the Panoramic was perceled out slowly in 1960s to 80s by George Leonard who purchased 500 acres from the Kent family in 1956 as he tested the water for the eventual sell out to GGNRA.

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Neighborhoods - Panoramic Highway Area