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Minutes 3/14/17

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SBHS Minutes 3/14/17

Meeting started …, quorum present

Previous minutes approved by email

President’s Report: 

Holiday Luncheon Debriefing

Treasurer’s Report:  

Committee Reports (as needed, Acquisition & Archival Planning, Digitalization and Library Exhibits, Web Presence, Oral History)

Unfinished Business:

A:  Review By-Laws –

  1.  Article III, Section 1:  Membership in this organization will be granted to those who are in accord with and will work toward its purposes.  The individual members will not derive profit therefrom - no change
  2. There is no financial amount noted before Board approval needed - $500.00 for non-routine costs

B:  Grant Application Committee - Peter smus, David Conrad, Kerry Livingston (Edit:  on 3/30 Committee changed to Peter Asmus, Barbara Boucke, Kerry Livingston)

C:  Upcoming Events:  Possible Seadrift History event in the Fall

New Business:

Next meeting 3/14/17

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