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11/15/20 minutes

November 15, 2020 Minutes

Call to order 5:00pm; quorum present; 9/15/20 minutes approved

Present:  Marcus, Phyllis, Celeste, Susan, Jane, Jesse, Peter, Catherine

Absent:  David, Georgia, KT

President’s Report:  Georgia is doing well and is receiving meals from KT.  $400 cost previously approved by email. 

   David in ICU, doing well, home by end of the week.

Committee Reports as needed: 

Archives - Jesse gathered photos of downtown fire for archives. 

California Preservation Program was not renewed but Tamae, Georgia & Barrie did all the file work so could try to get back.  Archives need modern update including converting reel-to-reel and cassettes to digital.  Don has more archives of same at home.  Persons who have film/digital experience might be approached to take on project.  Might be better it split up into smaller projects.

Unfinished Business: 

Willow Whistle – Peter will contact Kerry & Barrie to do mock-up.  Phyllis noted U-Print did 2019 newsletter and 600 ordered.  Marcus will do article about Tamae with input from Georgia.  Peter will include need for archive volunteers.

Plaque for Tamae – Don will talk with Val tomorrow regarding contacting Marcus

Village Green Tree – Meet Tuesday, December 8th @ 11:00am in Green to set up.  Celeste will meet Jesse at chapel at 10:45am.

Next meeting will be Annual Meeting Tuesday, February 9, 2021 @ 5:00pm via Zoom.

Meeting adjourned 5:40pm

Celeste Laprade


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