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About Collections and Exhibits

About SBHS Collections

Our collections totaling over 4,500 items comprise of 4 categories:  Photographs, Archives, Objects and Libraries and their subjects are all related to the history of Stinson Beach.

Our largest collections are over 3,800 Photo Collections including Printed Photos, Film Negatives, Slides, Digital Photos, Photographic Albums, and Collections by Individual Photographers.

Archives Collections includes collections of Maps, Oral Histories, General Histories, Personal Histories, Documents, Albums (Scrap Books), Ephemera, Local Organizations; and Tapes, Videos and Discs about our town.

The Objects Collections includes collections of Art Works, Memorabilia, and Signs and Other Objects.

Finally, the Library Collections include collections of published items such as Books, Periodicals, Newspapers and Clippings, and Booklets and Pamphlets.


About Virtual Exhibits

In these exhibits we try to showcase the breadth of our collections under subjects in alphabetical order. We try to exhibit all items representing the subject within reasonable numbers. Thus we might omit less important items and/or you may find the same items represented under more than one subject. These exhibits in closely related printed forms are available for you to see at the Stinson Beach Library as volumes of SBHS Index Books.

As you view the Virtual Exhibit note the accession numbers with A representing Archive Collections, L representing Library Collections, OB represent Object Collections and Photographic Collections have no letter attached.

If you find any omissions and/or errors, please let us know.

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