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Officers, Board Members and Committees

Board of Directors President: Marcus White
Vice President: Peter Asmus
Treasurer: Phyllis Fitzpatrick
Secretary: Celeste Laprade
Board Members-at-Large: David Conrad, Jane Slack, Katherine Broomhead, Celeste Laprade, Peter Asmus,Susan Kelley
SBCC Rep.: Catherine White

Member Chair:  Phyllias Fitzpatrick

Fundraising Chair:  Celeste Laprade


Acquisitions & Archival Planning: Jane Slack, Georgia Heid

Digitization & Library Shows: Barrie Stebbings, Georgia Heid, Barbara Ward, Celeste Laprade
Oral Histories: Celeste Laprade, Jesse Peri, David Conrad
Willow Whistle: Peter Asmus
History Corner Docents: Celeste Laprade
Web Presence: Barrie Stebbings, Celeste Laprade

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